Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Lazy Day at the Beach

Today's been pretty lazy. I've been lazing around playing guitar. My aunt Mary wandered over with her dogs Haley and Winslow (Haley's black and Winslow's blond).

Polkadots and bare feet.

I went swimming again. My goals for this summer are to swim every day and update this blog every day.

I offered to make dinner because I don't trust my grandma with seitan (I don't like seitan but she bought it for me so we had to use it. I decided to make curry. I was a little nervous because I didn't have coconut milk and my uncle (who's a trained chef) was coming to eat with us.

Also seitan is scary stuff. It smells like soy milk and looks like chicken.

The curry didn't turn out too bad. I served it over rice. I think I overcooked the seitan which took out its rubbery texture that I normally don't like.

I used this recipe for the curry. Hopefully I'll keep cooking here.

Laurel <3

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