Monday, June 18, 2012

Waves and Thunder

Today was lazy again, getting up late, browsing Pinterest, playing guitar and finishing up evals.

I had left-over curry for lunch.

My grandma decided to put a bowl of lettuce out for a vegetable... She suggested mayonnaise as a topping.

We also had crumpets, I felt like we should be having tea.

I was just about to go down to the beach when my grandma walked in, "I found a 16 year old on the road!"
I was like, "what?" and in came this pretty girl and her mom who my grandmother had apparently met on the road and brought them home. The girl (Madeleine) was a theater kid too so we talked about the show's that we'd been in. We're gonna go swimming together tomorrow.

I went swimming for a little but the water suddenly got super pretty because of the wind and I just had to get out and take pictures. The sky was just starting to turn pink. It was so pretty.

My grandma talked me into coming to her orchestra rehearsal with her. It was their dress rehearsal. I played second violin and it looks like I'll be performing with them. We're planning on getting my work permit tomorrow (and hopefully also a capo!)
We ended the evening with curried popcorn (which if you haven't tried it is fabulous). Just add a little curry powder to your popcorn and it's delicious.

Laurel <3

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