Sunday, July 15, 2012


There was this can of pumpkin staring at me... What was I supposed to do?

Make muffins of course!

They were actually pretty good.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Yesterday I got to see some friends who I hadn't seen since last summer.

Leah and I have the same birthday so we're twins!!! <3

Last night we went to the Cherry Bowl, my first drive-in. It was so much fun!!!

Laurel <3

Friday, July 6, 2012

Let's Get Creative!

(This is a creative story about my day)
She tossed and turned all night, flitting in and out of dreams of people dying and seeing her friends.
"Laurel!" Her eyes flickered open. She rolled over and grabbed her phone. 8:00. Too early.
Dressed in a black, white and gray dress, hair presentable she blinked the sleep out of her eyes and climbed into her uncle's truck. They rolled into town and pulled up in front of a red and white decorated building with a big red smiling pie out front. "Well this is gonna be awkward."
The table of 6 was served by a pretty blonde waitress who had trained Laurel on lunch. The experience overall wasn't as awkward as she had expected it to be and the cherry pancakes were delicious.
That afternoon a van full of kids pulled up to lake michigan. They all tumbled out. They picked a spot on the beach to set up their towels, then they dove into the water. The eldest was charged with making sure none of them drowned.

They played, splashed, rolled and tumbled in the water. Then they tramped back to the beach and busied themselves with burying themselves and the others.

By the end of the visit everyone was covered in sand, smiles plastered onto their faces.
That evening they went to see Josh White, Jr. perform in an art park. He was a fabulous performer.

The rest of the evening was spent talking to cousins with bowls of ice cream. She hopes for a better night tonight.

Laurel <3

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Yesterday was an eventful day. We went raspberry picking in the morning and then came home and swam in the beautiful lake with lots of cousins. We all piled into cars and drove over to town for the 4th of July parade. Then we made our way down through to the middle of town and visited our Aunt at her art gallery until the parade started. The parade was a flurry of red, white and blue and lots of candy. It was much more political than the Ithaca parade. Anyways, being the lover of photography that I am I took pictures. Of course.

Cherry Hut buddies!

Here's the point where I have to explain about cousins. My great-great grandfather Arthur and his brother Austin (and their sister Mary, but she had no kids) settled here, on this beach in 1903. At that point this place had been logged so it was basically a swamp and it was being sold cheap. Our family kept expanding down the beach. Now there are mostly summer homes up here but we come back every summer. This whole family thing means that I know my fourth cousins. Basically everyone's a cousin up here. We spend bonfires trying to figure out how we're related.
I got home to find my fourth cousin Corina and my third cousin Robby in the water. I went swimming with them. We had a paddle board out in the water with us and we were basically playing "let's try to never let anyone be on the paddle board." It was very fun. Then I went inside and made frosting for my 4th of July cupcakes, and decorated them. Here they are:

Right before serving them I added red and blue pop-rocks to make them explosive. I would've gotten pictures but the pop-rocks started exploding as soon as I opened the package so I wanted to serve them as soon as I could.
There were many cousins on our beach. We had a picnic.

Then we set fireworks off on the beach and watched some from across the lake.

Laurel <3