Sunday, June 24, 2012

Black and White Troubles

I tried shooting mostly in black and white today. I'm really not a black and white photographer so it was a challenge. I'm gonna keep trying. I don't really like my black and white photos but here are some of them.
I had an orchestra concert tonight... My grandma convinced me to join her community orchestra. That meant I had to wear black and white. Two colors I never wear (and didn't bring with me on this trip). I ended up looking super ridiculous in my black leggings with my grandma's (untucked) white nice shirt overtop and some black shoes that my grandma didn't want anymore and was gonna sell at the resale shop. At least my hair looked nice? I tried a braided bun, there are pictures at the bottom of this post.

I tried many things with my hair. I tried to sleep with my damp hair in a loose bun to make curls. It sorta worked.

I couldn't decide which version of this picture I liked better...

Texture shot.

Not a good photo of the bun but I liked the picture...

Same with this one.

Here's the braided bun:

Laurel <3

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