Saturday, August 4, 2012

So much to catch up on...

Sorry that I've been so bad at this... I've had a great time in Michigan and now I'm in Colorado hiking in the Rockies! Yes, that means mountain pictures. :)

First a couple Michigan pictures...

And my waitress uniform...

And I bought myself a new dress. :)

I landed in Colorado at 9:15am (Colorado time) after a 3 hr flight I had gotten up at 6am Michigan time. Then I had to find my parent's gate (they were landing at 9:30). After a train ride to the wrong terminal I finally found them. We made it to Winter Park where we would be staying with my dad's family in two houses. My dad was one of 7 so that's a lot of people to house. I walked into the bedroom that I would be sharing with three girl cousins and found this:

It's basically a treehouse that's a bed. I got to stay on the top-top bunk. We spent many hours in the middle bunk talking and texting.

We went hiking the afternoon that we got there we went over 12,000 ft to find these views:

It started raining as we got back to the car.

Once the family reunion was over my family drove the 5 minutes to my uncle's condo where we've been staying ever since then. Once we were settled we took a 5 mile hike.

The view from our condo:

Yesterday we went on a 10 mile hike way up to 12,864 ft. I ended up getting altitude sickness but it was still a great hike.

Some more pictures from the condo.

Today we took another 10 mile hike but I only hiked 8.5 miles of it.

Laurel <3

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