Friday, June 29, 2012

Shoe shopping

Long story short: I hate shoe shopping.

Long story: My feet are small and wide, and one foot's bigger than the other so I can never find anything that fits. I needed sneakers for waitressing because I'm on my feet a lot and I the shoes I have were pinching me. I was also worried about looks (because bright purple and green sticking out from under candy cane stripes just doesn't appeal). I was also worried about the shoes hurting my feet somehow in the long run or throwing off my posture and hurting something else (I guess I worry too much). We ended up going to 4 shoe stores in an very short amount of time. Very rushed, lots of stress. I ended up buying a pair that I'm not entirely happy with but I hope they'll work. Someone needs to come shoe shopping with me when I get back to show me that it's not all bad. :)

This reminded me of our State Theater! I had to put down my jar of tea to take this picture... Awk.

Tree sweater!!!

I was reading this blog and decided to try some closeups of regular life.

The sunset is different every night. Love it.

Trying out the fireworks setting. Getting excited for the 4th!

Laurel <3

P.S. There are super cool long exposure shots coming in the morning!

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